Auro IM600 Do BMW FEM/BDC Process

This guide will share the process how Auro IM600 do BMW FEM/BDC without key.

After connected the units and im600, tap IMMO -> BMW

Choose Expert Mode

After establishing vehicle communication, tap FEM/BDC

Tap Read codes

After establishing vehicle communication and reading code, you could see the system name and front electric module. Then tap Erase codes

Back to the menu and tap Version detect to see whether the current ECU software is supported.

The current ECU software is a supported version:

Back to menu and tap Vehicle frequency to get the vehicle frequency.

Tap Key status and shows as following

Then tap Key learning and you will get an operation guide.

Operation guide:

  1. Before the key can be written and cleared, the password must be read out first!
  2. Before the key can be written or cleared, the corresponding key position must be selected first!


You could find the key number, key ID, key ID status here:

Tap Vehicle information you could view the information of vehicle

Tap coding operation -> back up coding

Tap repair coding and wait until the screen show Repair successful

And then back to the menu and choose ECU reset

After operation successful choose key enable/disabled

An operation guide will show out:

Operation guide:

  1. This function serves to enable/disable the currently used position in ECU
  2. Before performing the Enable/Disable function, perform the authentication using a work key first.
  3. The work key position for authentication cannot perform the Enable/Disable function.