SEC-E9 key cutting machine Review: Works perfectly on hu66/ 2018 Audi HU162T

I bought a new SEC-E9 key cutting machine off recently. Here I’d like to share my experience with you.

Cost & Package:

SEC-E9 cost me 2,085 euro with free shipping via DHL within 5days.

The latest retail price is 2177 euro, but there is a promotion at eobdtool e-shop recently, not only get 4% discount, but also get additional offers: Buy 1 unit of SEC-E9, get 1 free FO21 Ford Tibbe clamp (valued 132 euro)

Packaged by a paper box incl. following items:

SEC-E9 key cutting machine/ Cutter/ Decoder/ T wrench/ M5 bolt/ Stopped/ Auxiliary clamp SX9 clamp/ Calibration block/ 24V Adapter/ Spindle belt/ User manual

I was so satisfied that all goods kept well when I received the package.


The test:

I used sec-e9 to cut HU66 key and 2018 VW/ Audi HU162T.

Now we go one by one.

Test 1: Cut HU66 key by using HU66 auxiliary clamp on SEC-E9


Go to SEC-E9 menu

Press “Search” button

Select “SILCA” to enter key data

Use the original key to open cylinder

Test OK

Use the stopper to help you fix the original key in the correct position

Press “Decode” button to start decoding original key and get the key number

Get the key number successfully

Put the key into the HU66 auxiliary fixture and tighten

Select “Cut”-> “1st Cut” to start cutting a new key

Note: Please remember to close the safe gate

It takes about 2 minutes to cutting the key

Cutting is done!

Open the safe gate to clean the clamp & the new key

Take out the new key

Fix the other side of the new key blank

Press “2nd cut” button to start cutting another side key

Cutting is complete

Test the new key, can work very well!

Test 2: Cut 2018 VW/ Audi HU162T keys by SEC-E9


Prepare the key and cylinder for new VW HU162T (9)

Press “Search” button in the main interface

Select “Key blank”-> Input “HU162T”

Press “Search”-> Select “SILCA-HU162 (9)

Come to the basic data page for HU162T

Firstly decode side A of original key

Fix the side A of original key on#1 car key clamp

Confirm it’s side A, and then press “Decode”

Decoding side A

Side A is decoded successfully

Press the key image to decode side B of the original key

Note: There is a small groove on side B

Fix side B on HU162T clamp, and tighten the screw

Install HU162T onto #1 car key clamp

Press “Decode” button to enter decoding page

Select the most right blue icon as sense key location and check “Round off”

Decoding side B

Complete decoding side B

Remove HU162T clamp and put a new key blank for copy

Select side A, and press “Cut” button to enter cutting page

Replace the right decoder with a 1.9mm cutter

Note: Remember use 1.9mm cutter to cut HU162T keys on #1 car key clamp

Cutting side A

Finish cutting side A

Clean the clamp and blank key

Fix the other side of the blank key

Select side B by press the key image

Press “Cut”

Remember to cut side B with 2.0mm cutter on #1 car key clamp

Install HU162T clamp to cut side B

Cutting side B is done

Clean the clamp and blank key

Remove HU162T clamp and prepare to cut side C on #1 car key clamp

Cutting side C is done

Use it to open the cylinder successfully!

That’s all. Hope can help you!