3 mins to reset Volvo S60 Regular Maintenance by Vida Dice

Problem solved as title: Reset Volvo S60 Regular Maintenance message, reset time for Regular Maintenance Volvo S60. Tool used: Volvo Vida Dice or Super Vida Dice Pro. Time needed: 3 minutes.   How to easily reset Regular Maintenance Service Reminder… Continue Reading

How to downgrade OPCOM 1.39 without Bootloader error

Opcom firmware 1.70/1.65 updated! But how to downgrade Opcom firmware to version 1.39? Here you go.   Free download all picture, .ept and pic18f458 v1.39 files in rar: https://mega.nz/#!QeQFRQ4C!1pHD26JPCr-az8bsPrrHxRAFN65nM17-SteIzC1I-BM   You need: OPCOM TL866 programmer   How to downgrade OPCOM… Continue Reading

Renault CAN CLIP V167 download with CLIP User Manual

Free download Renault CAN CLIP V167 diagnostic interface: https://mega.nz/#!IcwSVLTY!gXLAiI_Rt1gi49h51aPSee35t1IkwMiKK1Vy3YbDc8Q the Newest version; No password required!   -Tested or not? -NO, Renualt CLIP 167 is being tested! The test result of CLIP V167 will come out and be reported here also.… Continue Reading

Where to download Renault Can Clip V167 update 04.2017?

Mates, latest 04.2017 Renault Can Clip software update source is available here! Below you can free download Renault Can Clip V167 in mega. Try on your own risk.   Free Download Renault Can Clip V167 (04.2017): https://mega.nz/#!IcwSVLTY!gXLAiI_Rt1gi49h51aPSee35t1IkwMiKK1Vy3YbDc8Q NO pass! Link… Continue Reading

Multi-Diag Access J2534 I-2016, I-2015, I-2014, I-2013, 2013.02V & V2011 all include

Following table includes all Multi-Diag Access J2534 I-2016, I-2015, I-2014, I-2013, 2013.02V and V2011, incl. software version, VCI number, function, car coverage, install, etc.   Version  Access J2534 I-2016 Access J2534 I-2015 Access J2534 I-2014  II-2013 Access J2534 I-2013 Access… Continue Reading