CGDI BMW Prog V2.3.0 New Update

CGDI BMW V2.3.0 NEW (2018.11.21)
1. New: Porsche 987, 911 OBD key learning

2. New: Maserati Levante 95320, Geberit 95160, President 95160 Instrument OBD adjustment

3. FEM/BDC key matching: Optimize the pre-processing process, increase backup FAFP, restore FAFP function, calculate ECU data, reset starter lock, calculate ELV data function, and add repair remote control function description.

4. BMW F Series Programming: Supports instrument programming greater than 10MB. The modules to be programmed are displayed in red font, and the code modules are displayed in blue font.

5. BMW F system code: Optimize the modules to be programmed in red font.

6. 95128/95256 adds 95540 chip read and write.


CGDI BMW CAS Mileage Reset, EGS ISN, BMW F Series Coding function are available:

The three function are optional, if you need, can pay for the authorization alone

CGDI Prog BMW CAS Mileage Reset Authorization Service

CGDI Prog BMW F Series Coding Authorization

CGDI Prog BMW EGS ISN Clear and Synchronize Authorization