How to Program ECU on 2016 BMW F series with CGDI prog BMW

How to use CGDI BMW key programmer to program BMW F series ECU after coding?

Here is the detailed guide for CGDI programmer owners.

Step 1: Connect to CGDI Prog BMW MSV 80

Step 2: Coding

Step 3: Program ECU

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Connect to CGDI Prog BMW MSV 80

Connect CGDI Prog BMW to the car and PC

Turn on the ignition switch

Step 2: Coding

Go to CGDI BMW Software Menu

Click on “BMW F/G Series Program”

Read Central gateway module 2 data successfully

Click “Program”

Note: ECU is about to programmed, please ensure that car battery has enough power, the programming process, please keep equipment cable connection. Whether to continue?

Click “YES”

Prompt “Whether to backup coding data”

Click “YES”

Coding is successful

Step 3: Program ECU

Getting a list of programming files from the server

Select all options and click “OK”

Please confirm whether the following VIN is correct. If it’s wrong, please modify in the textbox below.

Then click “OK”

Programming ECU

Program ECU Successfully


1.If the code is not set after programming, please use the function of “BMW F/G coding” to set the code. If some modules (such as gateway) do not need the code setting, this step can be ignored.

2.Airbag: If the sunroof and Windows are abnormal, please use the “ECU initialization” function to initialize them.

Then click “OK”

Job’s done!