CGDI MB Prog Program 2011 Benz E260 All Key Lost

Tool: CGDI MB Prog

Car Model: 2011 Benz E260

Process: program new keys when all key lost

the process video attached in the bottom, watch if you need.

connect the CGDI MB with the car and then run CGDI-MB software


First, Calculate Keys and choose “copy key without key”


supported types to do all key lost

W166 197 212(old) 212 246

W164 W216

W172 204 207 209 211



Choose “Collect Data”


insert the simulation key into the lock in 30s




finally finish!


save the data when finish collected


pull out the simulation key and choose the right saved data to upload data


Click “Query Result”


calculate the password successfully


you could paste the password in a txt filed just in case.


Click “Lock(EIS)”->”Read EIS data”


the orange one means that key1 and key2 is used.

Paste the calculated password in the below step


save the EIS data


Then, choose “Generate EE” -> “Load EIS File” to choose the EIS data saved just name


choose “Generate Key File” and save


The new key to program


Insert the key in CGDI MB


Choose “Read/Write Key” -> “Read key/Chip”

note: the communication mode choose “Infrared”


the key state shows it is not used


Click “Reset” before use it to program

note: each key need to reset before program


Read key/chip again and then choose “Open/Write”


note: smart key choose 41 format, common key and BE key choose 51 format


Number 3-8 means the key number and 41/51 means the format, here we choose 3_51


write key successfully!


read key/chip again and comfirm the key wrote successfully


Insert the key in the ignition switch


program the key successfully


the final step

Read Lock(EIS) again and you could see that there are 3 key in total


after program, the new key and the old lost keys need to be disable

Choose “Disable key” and disable the lost key1 and key2


disable the keys successfully


If you are interested in this CGDI MB key tool, you could view our website to more detail:


Finally, attach the Youtube video for you: