Diagnose Honda Civic by Launch X431 V Pro WIFI Bluetooth review

How to test and diagnose Honda Civic Hybrid by Launch X431 V Pro WIFI Bluetooth? Below I will show step by step for your reference!


First, you plug the DBSCar diagnostic connector into car OBD2 port. And this DBSCar connector will connect Bluetooth between car and Launch X431 V Pro device automatically.

Find “Honda” on Asian car menu and choose “16 pin DLC”.

It show car VIN number, type and engine ID.

Next, you can start from “Quick Test” function. Remember turn on car ignition but not to run car engine.

Click the option and wait the scan process finish. You can see this is a full system scanning. It cost about 2 minutes.

  1. Now you get a full test result. In this case, there is fault on Electric Powertrain IMA section.

Choose “Electric Powertrain IMA” and “Read DTC” to find what’s wrong.

Launch X431 V Pro read out all DTC codes in Electric Powertrain: P1435, P1570 and P0A7F. You can choose “Clear Fault” to clear all fault codes.

After that you can also view freeze frame data. Choose “Read Freeze Frame” function and “Auto select” to show all.

And this Launch X431 V can do Actuation Test and Special Function. It allows you to drive test IPU module fan, replace IMA ECU and battery…

P.S. Launch X431 V now has old and new version, same price €1,139 but small difference. The old one as mine comes with a free Launch M-Diag OBD adapter. I know the new version has bigger screen and no need activation.

Share both new and old version link here if you need:

New Launch X431 V with 8 inch screen


Old Launch X431 V with free Launch M-Diag