Does BMW Creator C110 reset SRS and check engine light on

When some users are advised to have one Creator C110 code reader to reset SRS and check engine light on for old BMW I.E 1997 328ic. They tend to think Creator C110 won’t connect to the 20 pin diagnostic port in the engine bay it won’t clear airbag codes in an e36.


That’s not fully true, buy a BMW 16 to 20 pin adapter for less than $10 and it will clear air bag codes all day… The one in the pic is € 6.50 on plus free shipping.


What tools working with the round 20 pin port of E36?

All e36s have the round 20 pin port in the engine bay, it doesn’t matter where you live. This port can access all modules in the car. This includes the engine, ABS, auto tranny, srs, and all others. Programming and coding is done through this port.

Starting with 96 model year the US e36s became OBD II compliant. Those cars have the round port AND a 16 pin OBD II port. The 16 pin port is located in the under dash area of the left footwell. European e36s did not become OBD II compliant until 98 or 99.

The function of the 16 pin port did not change anything about the round port in the engine bay. It remains the only way to access anything modules. The DME can be accessed through both ports. It’s the only module that has that ability. Generally speaking you cannot perform any coding or programming functions through the 16 pin port.

The 20 pin port uses an ADS interface to communicate with the outside world. You can build one or buy one. The cheapest one I’ve seen is about € 6.50. You cannot use a modern scanner on the 20 pin port. Even if you rig up an adapter it won’t work. The round port uses OBD I protocol. The scanner is using OBD II protocol. It’s like English and Russian. There is software available that will allow you to use both ports with a single program. BMW INPA is one. Creator C110 is another. They have to be configured correctly to use both ports and you need the correct cables to make it all work.