How OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Adds Key for Nissan Sylphy (B18) 2020?

Update! OBDSTAR 16+ 32 Gateway Adapter, for Nissan Sylphy Sentra (Models with B18 Chassis) Add Key and All Keys Lost without Pin Code, now is in stock.
It can work with OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus and X300 Pro4.
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Let’s take Nissan Sylphy 2020 for example.

Connect Renault/Nissan 16+32 cable to OBD port.
Unplug the plug in gateway port.

Connect the other side of Nissan 16+32 bypass cable to gateway port.
Last connect your device to Renault/Nissan 16+32 cable by main cable.


IMMO>>Nissan>>NISSAN/INFINITE V32.19>>Manual Select System>>28 Digital PinCode>>SYLPHY(B18)>>PROXIMITY>>2019->>Add Keys(No PIN)

This function needs connection to the server and Nissan 16+32 bypass cable.
And notes & warnings

Turn on the ignition.
Writing & Reading data.

Then we’ve got the 28-digit password.

Turn on the warning light and turn off the ignition switch.
Switch ignition on.
Follow prompts.

Start to read key ID.
First match the original key.

Then match the new key.
Press “Esc” and match the original key again.
Program success.

Then the new key again.
Successfully match 2 keys, follow steps to complete Add key.

Done! Now test if two keys work fine.

More details:

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