Chrysler Jeep Dodge Used PCM Programming by Autel IM508

Customers often use Autel IM508 for key programming, but few mentioned other functions. Today eobdtool is going to show you the process of Jeep Compass 2007 PCM programming by Autel IM508.

Function menu path:
Diagnostics>>Chrysler>>Automatic Selection
Make sure engine off and we have the password.

Add your VIN and country code:
Control unit>>IMMO module replacement>>Change VIN and Country Code (WCM)

Activate IMMO module (SKIM)
IMMO module replacement>>Powertrain control module (PCM) replaced

VIN and PIN programmed successfully.

Program keys
Back to function menu.

Hot function>>Key learning (guided)
Follow instruction.

Done! Autel MaxiIM IM508 made it.

Where you can get the Autel IM508 key programmer?

UK Professional OBD2 Tools Online Shop