How to: Reset Peugeot DPF Fluid with lexia 3 PP2000

PDF faulty (Diesel Particulate Filter Blocked) message appeared on my Peugeot 307 2.0Hdi 110 2002’s screen the other day.

I put JLM clean DPF in the tank and filled up the next day and after a few day the light went off.

I got the confidence to put infineum DPF fluid in the car yesterday and getting a £300+ quote from main dealer.

I also bought the lexia 3 cable with XS-Evolution Lexia / PP2000/ DIAGBOX software update version 7.57 to reset the DPF Fluid counter. Here is a little walk on the DPF reset procedure.

How to reset Pug DPF Fluid additive level Counters in PP2000

Here is a quick guide on how to reset the DPF fluid levels and counters after a non dealer top-up or warning message. It’s very quick and simple to do.

1.Well setup your Peugeot Planet 2000software, connect lexia3 interface to your car.

2.Select “ECU Configuration and Services”.


3.Choose “Global Test” and follow system prompts.


4.The diagnostics will take up to 5 minutes to run.


5.Select “Diesel Fuel Additive Control unit”.

6.Select “Configuration.”

7.Select “Cleaning or replacement of DPF”.

8.Note the number of injections and double click the red text. Follow the prompt and ok.

9.First counter Zero reset completed.

10. Select Replacement of filling of rest.

11. Read the INSTRUCTIONS on screen and press ok.

12. Note the count and double-click the red counter and it will be reset after ignoring the warning.

13. Remove the ignition key and unplug PP from the obd2 port.

14. Unlock the fuel cap and remove and count to 10 and replace.

15. Plug back in PP and power the ignition but don’t start the engine.

16. Select Cleaning or replacement of DPF again and check the counter is still 0.

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The levels and counters have been reset. Clear the stored fault codes. Exit the lexia-3 PP2000 software.