How to Solve VXDIAG VCX SE BMW Software Error 0xc000014c?

Customer problem:
When I run VXDIAG VCX SE BMW Software on my computer, it cannot start normally and shows the error 0XC000014C. How to fix this problem? chief engineer gives the suggestion:

Please repair the system according to the following steps.
Step 1: Download the repair software ( from the link below
Size: 30.0 MB

Step 2: Make a system U disk according to the video of the following link.
Note: Your U disk will be formatted during operation.

Step 3: After the second link has been downloaded, the operation is complete.
Then follow the video of the third link to fix the system.


The VXDIAG VCX SE BMW 500G HDD with ISTA-D 4.28.22 ISTA-P 68.0.800 applies to VXDIAG VCX SE for BMW and GODIAG V600-BM Diagnostic and Programming Tool.

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