How to use CGDI Prog BMW to disable 2016 BMW 585 key

Q: I have some car keys for my 2016 BMW 585, but one was used infrequently. How to disable it?

A: It’s easy to do that. Here share the method to disable BMW key with CGDI Prog BMW MSV80.

Here you go.


Car: 2016 BMW 585


  • Key3 (No sticker on the back) – can lock and unlock.
  • Key1 (with sticker on the back) – also can lock and unlock.

Device: CGDI prog BMW, PC

Guides to disable car key with CGDI Prog BMW

Note: Before disable the car key, please test whether two car keys can work normally or not.

Step 1: Connect to CGDI prog BMW

Turn on the ignition switch on

Connect CGDI prog BMW to the car via OBD

Connect CGDI prog BMW with PC via USB cable

Step 2: Disable car key

Open CGDI BMW software

Select BMW Enable/Disable Key -> Display key information

Prompt “Please put the key vertically in the key induction areas of the direction column”

Put the key3 in induction area

Read data successfully

Select Key1 -> Disable the key

According to the prompt, put the Key1 vertically in the key induction areas of the direction column

Disable key successfully

Step 3: Test two keys

Use two keys to lock/ unlock

Key3 can work normally

Key1 cannot work