How to Use GODIAG GD801 to Read EEPROM

Today, let’s talk about how to read EEPROM with GODIAG GD801.


  1. Accept the disclaimer.
  2. Click “Diag Program”>>“IMMOBILIZER”>>“EEPROM”>>“Enter”, then VCI will be upgraded.

godiag gd801godiag gd801

  1. Choose “EEPROM” and click “Enter”.

godiag gd801 screen

  1. Choose “EEPROM RW”>>“93CXX serial”>>“93C46”.

gd801 read pincode

  1. Connect P001 adapter with the diagnostic device and click “Enter”, then EEPROM data will be read.
  2. When reading EEPROM data is finished, enter the filename and save EEPROM
  3. When the saving file is finished, exit, then return to the main page.
  4. Click “My Data”, then you can see EEPROM data information.

Job is done!