How to use Julie Emulator in Hitachi MEC20-705 (Nissan)

How to do IMMO OFF in Hitachi MEC20-705 with V96 Julie emulator? Here is the step-by-step guide for Nissan owners.



ECU: Hitachi MEC20-705

Device: V96 Julie car emulator

Tools: used for unsoldering/ soldering

Hitachi MEC xx-xxx (Nissan) display

Ground: 48, 57, 106 and 108 pin

+12 V ACCⅠ: 43 pin (1st connecting/ 1st detachable)

+12 V ACC Ⅱ: 110 and 112 pin (2st connecting/ 2st detachable)

+12 V: 67 pin

CODE: 116 pin

Guides to do IMMO OFF with V96 Julie car emulator

Dismantle Hitachi MEC20-705 ECU

Mark a spot to unsolder 93C56 EEPROM memory chip

Use Buffer Edit to write values 33 33 in addresses from 00E to 00F

Weld the 95640 memory chip back to MEC20-705 ECU

Solder jumper 2+3+4

Connect Julie car emulator to the ECU

Press the switch button to connect and detachable

+12 V ACC: 43 pin (1st connecting/ 1st detachable)

+12 V ACC : 110 and 112 pin (2nd connecting/ 2nd detachable)

Close the ECU and install it back into the car

Disconnect IMMO box