IMMO OFF with V96 Julie emulator in SIMOS PPD1.1, 1.2 and 1.5

Problem: I just bought a new V96 Julie emulator, but I don’t know how to do IMMO OFF in my SIMOS PPD1.5.

Now I’m going to share the solution with all the users who have this problem.


Device: Julie Universal Car Emulator
ECU: SIMOS PPD1.2 or PPD1.1 or PPD 1.5 (VAG Group)

Detailed steps:

Step 1: Unsolder the PPD 1.5 chip
Remove the PPD 1.5 ECU shell

Take out the chip from the ECU

Clean and dry the chip position

Grind the chip flat, then clean and dry

Step 2: Read& write 95320 chip data

Put the 95320 chip to backup data

Enter the LabTool-48XP/UXP Intelligent Universal Programmer

Click “Select”-> Search 95320

Prompt “The WEL and WIP of Status Regarister are Read only bits. For other device feature settings, please press Alt-G”, then click OK

Click “Read” to read ST M95320 chip data

Read data successfully

Click “Save” to save the file

Write completed

Step 3: Program 95320 chip

Click “Edit” to use Buffer Edit to read ST M95320 chip values

Select “Prog”

Prompt “Device is not blank, do you still want to program?”

Press OK

Programming complete

Step 4: Do IMMO OFF

Take out the ST M95320 chip

Then solder back to PPD 1.5 ECU

Solder jumpers: J2, J3, J5 and J6

Connect Julie Universal Car Emulator to PPD 1.5 ECU

Pay attention to the light status:

Flashing 0.1sec – wrong CAN connection

Lights o.1 and turns off on 2 second – wrong values

After adjusting- it lights constantly every other second

Install the ECU back to the car