KEYDIY KD-X2 clone ID48: How to verify personal info

KEYDIY KD-X2 remote maker can work with PC software by USB-B connection, and work with Android IOS phone or tablet by OTG connection. No need token to use. Here share how to verify your personal info when you use KD-X2.


Step 1: Tap “Me”.

Step 2: Tap “Certification”.

Step 3: Verify both sides of your ID card.

Step 4: User authorization succeed 50 KD-coins.

Step 5: Tap “My KD-coins” to check how many kcoins you have.

More info of KEYDIY KD-X2 for you:

KEYDIY KD-X2 V5.0.0 New Update with more new options

1.Upgrade remote data service
2. Improve the stability of remote upgraded
3.Improve downloading speed and stability of the third party remote
4. Generate the remote can get the KD-coins
5.Use KD NB remotes to copy chips can get KD-coins
6. Support to generate garage door remote

If you want to know where to purchase K coins, can it be done through the app? Click here to learn the detailed info: