Launch CRP429C Review

Launch CRP429C wins CRP129 in many aspects (Reviews)

Launch CRP429C 4-system diagnostic and reset tool wins CRP129 in many aspects including hardware, capabilities, connection, coverage, update, language.  After comparing their similarities and differences, I’ll post some FAQ.

Part 1: Launch CRP429C is better than CRP129 in many aspects
The same…
Launch CRP429C can access to 4 systems ( Engine, ABS, SRS, AT) to perform OBDII diagnostic.

The different…

  1. Launch CRP429C wins in hardware:

1). 5″IPS Touch screen: offers a clear visual experience and runs faster than LCD display.

2). Built-in 4000mAH battery in case of no power supply during testing.

3) Android 7.0

4) Processor : Cortex -A5 processor (1.5GHz)


3). Packed with a carrying case in case the touch screen get broken during delivery.

  1. Wins in capabilities:

1) OBDII diagnostic for 4 systems …OK

2)  11kinds of service reset functions (Oil/ Brake/ SAS/BMS/ABS Bleeding/ETS/TMPS/DPF/Gear /MMO/Injector) … CRP129 only perform Oil/ Brake/ SAS special functions.


  1. Wifi works + OBDII cable connectivity 4. Adds 4 cars (Bugatti, Holden, Aust Ford, Samsung, Lincoln, TLISUZU, GMSA), CRP429Ccovers 47 cars while CRP129 covers 43 cars. visit the official site for specific models.

  1. Update by clicking on “One-Click update” instead of browsing Launch website, which is more easy to do anywhere anytime.
  2. 8 kinds of languages are available including: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese. CRP129 has no Japanese.

Part 2: Launch CRP429C FAQ
Q: Can this pull transmission codes from2006 ford f150

A: yes, crp429c can read transmission codes for 2006 ford f150.


Q: Does the battery come with it?

A: yes, crp429c come with batter, battery is in device.


Q: Will crp429c scanner bleed abs on a 07 Jeep Wrangler and a 08 escape?

A: yes, crp429c can bleed abs on a 07 Jeep Wrangler and a 08 escape.


Q: Does this work on 2007 gmc truck?

A: It can’t work on 2007 gmc truck.It is only work on 2011-2013 of the cars.


Q: where to have Launch CRP429C at good price?

A: According to what I search online, has a lower price than amazon.

For more, I will keep update…


That’s all.