Launch X431V+ Review: Cost, Registeration, Update, Test

I bought a launch x431v+ recently. I’d like to share this hand-held vehicle fault diagnostic tool.

Cost& Package:

I had an Autel DS708 that went bad on me (SD card wouldn’t load the computer anymore, even when I replaced the corrupted files), so I researched for another automotive reader that I could find that had the same capabilities as my Autel and similar price point. Found this Launch product and am extremely happy with it.

Finally I purchased x431v+ at It cost me 919 euro with free shipping cost, arrived well packaged and on time. Everything was inside the box. Love the interface of the tablet, the bluetooth reader for the ODB II, and all the accessories you’ll ever need for over 80 different models of vehicle. It has all the capabilities my Autel had and more. Tablet battery lasts a long time. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase!


It was easy to register x431 pro3 and went without any issue.

This is the register guide on

1.Go to official launch website to register the CC account first.

2.Then register the launch Pro3 on tablet. Our dealer code is 86A or 86K.

3.Download the latest software and install it to your Machine.

PS: The serial number and password in password paper which coming with package


I was able to complete the download and update very easily.

No need to download software to memory car anymore, and can do one click update directly by launch x431v+

It has free two year updates, and leaves us with a total of three year vehicle coverage which is hard to find.

Here is the update notice I collected from distributor
1.Please check if your X431VPlus apk in your scanner is the latest one, if not, you need to update to latest X431 V+.
2.Please do remember the account and password where you register your X431 V+, because it is very important, without which you cannot download car software
3.How to find user manual on your scanner?

Open X-431 V+ apk, find “Profile”–“Help”, you will see “USER MANUAL”

The test:

the scanner worked flawlessly in Mexico and was put up to the test with vehicles from Latin America and US, it connected with various makes and models, so far ever thing we throw at it, communicates with.

It has also communicated with the Nissans 4 cylinder diesel engines and many other small diesel engines sold in Latin America.

One more comment, the scanner has a 10 inch display and connects via Bluetooth which makes connectivity much more easier and clean, no more cables hanging or keys to insert, the battery life is great and you even get all the other amenities that android offers. it has a front and rear facing camera and the case is made up of a combination of plastic and rubber to protect it from drops. Inside the box comes all the connections and adapters needed for OBD2 and OBD1.

My overall impression of the X431 Pro 3 was very positive. I found the hardware very well suited to the purpose, rugged, fast, easy to use and light. The software was slick in its operation and it did all I asked of it during the test period.

I will use it to do more tests and expect good experience.

Thank you.