Modify INPA K+DCAN to read BMW 318i E46 instrument cluster OBC

If you want to read BMW 318i E46 instrument cluster OBC, a cheap DIY option is to use €14.5 BMW INPA K+DCAN Cable and just make a little modification as below guide.


All you need to do for modifying BMWNPA K+DCAN Cable:

Use screwdriver to open the plastic case box and you can see the little PCB directly.

And solder the pin 7 and pin 8 to bridge these two pins. You can refer to following picture:

Things done! You can use INPA K+DCAN Cable to read BMW E46 318i OBC instrument cluster!

First, find BMW 318i OBD2 connector is below steering wheel right side, above the brake pedal.

Next, connect INPA software with car via the cable: plug the 16 pin connector into OBD2 port and the USB connector into laptop.

Open INPA software then turn car ignition on (switch to position 2).

Click the F3 button below to choose E46.

Before modifying, when you go to “Body” then “Instrument cluster” there is error message and show nothing.

After modifying, you can enter the “Instrument cluster” main menu and do many things on cluster.

You can read Instrument cluster status.

Or activate many parameters on your car.

BMW INPA K+DCAN USB Interface not only read BMW 318i E46 instrument cluster but do many other car DIY jobs!