How to modify INPA K+DCAN Cable to work for BMW new and old?

Here is a BMW INPA K+DCAN USB Interface modification solution for sharing! It will rework the cable to do ALL BWW E series newer or older cars, not only the supposed BMW 1998-2008!


Note: BMW older vehicles require the pin 7 and 8 to be bridged to work. But BMW 3/2007 and later require pin 7 and 8 to be separate. So in this guide we need a switch to make a balance!


Tools needed:

  1. Small Philip screwdriver
  2. Micro on/off switch (can be two prongs or three)
  3. Soldering gun
  4. Some type of glue gun or glue adhesive
  5. Something to make a hole in the plastic cover for the switch
  6. And most important tool: BMW K+DCAN Cable

INPA K+DCAN Cable Modifying Steps:

Locate pin 8 which will have a number on the side of the board. One side will have the digit 1 and the other digit 8

Once you locate pin 8, that’s the pin we will be using as well as the next one over. If you bought a 2 prong on/off switch, connect each pin 7 and 8 with a separate wire and then use the soldering gun and connect each wire to the micro on/off switch.

If you bought a switch with three prongs, connect the middle and one of the ends, doesn’t matter which one, so there will be one prong end not used. (Or just snip off the 3rd end to make it easier to solder)

Neatly place the wires snug so that the plastic cover can be closed without anything preventing it.

Make a closed seal and screw in the 4 Philip head screws in their respected holes.

Note which position is on and which is off by some type of label on the outside of the cover.

It’s done!

Now you can use this €14.5 INPA K+DCAN Cable for ALL BMW E series cars!