Newest JLR V157 for Jaguar& Land Rover: FREE DOWNLOAD + INSTALLATION

Free download Newest JLR Mangoose Pro SDD V157 for Jaguar& Land Rover, how to install JLR V157 software.
JLR SDD V157 Patch File Download Link:

Note: Just need to download “SDD_XXX_Full.exe”

How to install Newest JLR V157 for Jaguar& Land Rover?

Go to Computer->DVD RW Drive (G:) JLR157FULL

Copy “JLR Driver” & “SDD Patch” to desktop

Run “SDD_157_FULL”

Choose Setup Language

Install SDD 157

Extracting files…

Unzipping file…

Install HV Safety SA V2.6 1432.0

Complete HV Safety setup

Click “NEXT” to install MOXA UPort 1110/ 1130/ 1150 Winsows Driver Ver1.6

Click “Finish” to exit Setup

Installing SDD-157

Select “Yes, I want to restart my computer now.”

Then click “Finish” to continue

Unzip “SDD Patch” file

Run SDD, and then click OK

Run JLR V157 software

Copy the user ID& Password from SDD text and paste to related place

Then click “Identify” to continue

Select related dealer details, and then click “Continue”

Go to JLR-> Common-> VCI Device Drivers-> Drew Tech Mongoose-> J2534 MongoosePro JLR

Click “NEXT” to install J2534 MongoosePro JLR

Note: Attach your device to this computer any time after the installation has finished

Then click “OK”

Complete installation

Enter SDD software

Click “Auto VIN Read” to read VIN from vehicle and to indentify vehicle automatically

Select “High line instrument cluster” and then click “Save”

Select Diagnosis-> Powertrain-> Engine-> Starting system

Click “Continue”

Select PCM-> View DTCs for this module

Select vehicle specification and save

Related ECUs show successfully