Wiring Diagram: Yanhua CAN Filter 18 in 1 for MB/BMW Odometer Correction

What is Yanhua CAN Filter 18 in 1?

What’s MB/BMW CAN Filter 18 in 1 used for?

The universal filter should be added to the car after odometer adjustment.

But for W222/W205/W447, the filter should be added before odometer adjustment.

It’s small and convenient, easy to use, with stable performance and reliability.

Which Mercedes/BMW vehicles can be used with?

For Mercedes:

S(222), S(221), C(205), C(204), V(W447), E(W212), E(W207), A(W176), G(W463), ML(W166), SL(R231), GL(X166), B(W246), CLS(W218), SLK(R172), SLS(W197), CLA(W117), GLK(X204)

For BMW:

BMW 1 series F2X, 3 series F3X, BMW X5 etc., FEM mileage adjustment( no need to remove FEM, connect directly to instrument panel);

BMW 5 series F10, 7 series F01/02 etc., CAS4 Fxx chassis.( F01, F02, F07, F18, F10, F20, F25, X3 etc., applicable for 9S12 XEP series 5M48H/1N35H)

How to connect Yanhua CAN Filter 18 in 1?

Mercedes CAN filter wiring diagram:

New style: 222/205/217
Old style: 166/212/463
CHECK the car model correctly before adjust.
Old style W166 short circuit to GND
New style W222 short circuit to GND
Black wire connect to plug 1

BMW CAN filter wiring diagram:

Black  ——— GND

Red ——— +12V

White  ——— +5V

Purple  ——– L1(CAN_L1)

Green ——— H1(CAN_H1)

Yellow ——— L2(CAN_L2)

Blue ——— H2(CAN_H1)

NOTICE! Please connect the 2 BMW dot together(short circuit) BEFORE connect to car!

1. BMW 1 series F20 instrument:

  1. BMW 3 series F30 instrument

  1. BMW 3 GT series F30 instrument

  1. American Standard BMW X5 F15 instrument

  1. USA Strandard BMW X5 F15 instrument

  1. BMW FEM

  1. BMW CAS4(1L15Y/5M48H/1N35H)

  1. BMW X3 F25 instrument

source: http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/yanhua-mb-can-filter-18-in-1-for-benz-bmw.html