Opel OP COM China clone setting

OP Com China clone
2010 V Can OBD2 Opel:
Opcom Diagnostics
SECTION 1 : Identification
After selecting “Dignostics”,
appears a list of years to select the model year (not the year of manufacture).
For example, my voiturte was manufactured in 2005, while it is a 2006 model.
To be sure, just double click “Automatic Vehicle Identification”
Then clicking
“CAN” windows appear and disappear, leaving the previous window with
the vehicle information:
The model now
identified, simply go back (Back) and then select the appropriate line.
Then you select the vehicle:
PART 2 : Diagnostic / Parameterization 
Then comes the different possibilities of diagnosable areas:
Vehicle  -> To identify the vehicle, the
items in the car, the numbers of defects per item
Engine  -> To diagnose the engine 
Transmission  -> To diagnose gearbox,
easytronic or automatic
Chassis  -> ABS / TC / ESP, Pressure
Sensors, Power Steering, Active Suspension
Body  -> Open & Start, Dashboard, Removable roof,
Airbag, Central Air Conditioner, AFL, Park Pilot, front fuse box (UEC) and rear
Infotainment System  -> Car, screen, Optional phone
For Identification  -> Returns to what has been
seen previously to identify the vehicle
Module / ECU Presence Check  -> To detect elements present
in the car and check that they communicate well
Vehicle DTC Information  -> The same thing but with the
number of DTC by this element.
By double clicking on a line leads directly to the element.
We can see for
example in my case, the unit is no longer communicating because I changed a
We must select the engine for your car,
present on the login page seen above:
The OPCOM 1.59 connects
to the engine and displays its characteristics, including the software release:
Fault Codes  displays fault codes related here
to the engine.
Measuring Blocks  allow to display the values of the various parameters, sensors,
The first button  displays the values of various engine parameters …






Engine Oil Status  Used to determine the degradation
of the oil.
 We can see that mine is to change !!


Read Odometer
 displayed just the mileage of the vehicle:
Output Tests allow to execute tests on the engine
 Be careful not to do anything !!
Programming allows you to program some motor
parameters as the circumference of the wheels, or just the vehicle identification
 Be careful not to do anything !!
This identification number must be the same for all the
car element !! This number must be entered every time you install a new
item as a new original radio or when you change the screen. 

Beware the ECU reset function, it resets the engine control unit. After, it does not work and requires
Adobe Tech2 to be reconfigured.
 It is the same for all the other

This architecture is valid for all searchable items with OPCOM.

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