How to Repair OP COM 2010V China clone Off

Here is a new HS OPCOM 1.59 interface.
I did not connect on either the USB or the 12Vdc … prudent and I have no idea of the problems it is neither the circumstances in
why it happened.
After dismantling, failure is immediately visible:
The input capacitor of 22μF 12Vdc on to explode. This is the second I see like this!
So I replaced with a 22μF (226 / 35V) with a voltage withstand somewhat higher.
We can see the black traces from that exploded on the LEDs media
I will then check SS14 diode (Schottky) but before a bit of a multimeter to check continuity between 12Vdc input pin
and the anode No continuté ….. It’s weird at first seen on the map, no problem but if we look a lot closer,
under the white connector:
It is hard to see and I have to have the heart net so the connector is removed (without desoldering) taking care not to tear anything:
And voilou, here we see better:
The track has fuse board; Normal designers OPCOM not have any protection on this interface
Input 12Vdc vehicle (big mistake)
It also checks the diode, therefore the Schottky voltage drop of around 0.2V across it:
Come on, we fix all this:
It all goes back and test the interface table:
On connection of USB, the red LED lights; I run OP COM china clone2010 version
and make a test of the interface:
It works (FW 1.39) … I connect a 12 VDC power supply.
A small selection of vehicle diagnostics on a computer:
Relays slam is a good sign!
It remains to make a real vehicle test to confirm operation ….

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