Repair Porsche 2018-2020 BCM Lithium Battery: Yanhua ACDP, CG100 or Xhorse?

When the voltage of the new Porsche (2018-2020) 12V lithium battery is too low for a long time, the vehicle crashes or has an electrical short circuit, etc. which will lead to the battery being in protection mode, the internal program locks up, the vehicle cannot start, and the battery cannot be charged. Here recommends 3 devices to implement automatic data repair.

Before operating, remove the Porsche lithium battery case first.

Mask SPC5644B
Mask SPC5644B

Module probe position area diagram

1. Yanhua Mini ACDP with module 23
The Yanhua ACDP module 23 is newly released for 2018 to 2020 Porsche 12V Lithium Battery repair. Use a special interface board instead of welding wire. APP has automatic pin detection, repair data perfectly. It is safe and reliable.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Device required:

Yanhua Mini ACDP host

Module 23 with interface board
Yanhua Module 23 with interface board

  • Connection:

Prepare ACDP host, OBP+ICP adapter, interface board and module 23
Connect all devices correctly
yanhua acdp

  • Repair guide:

Repair data: select ‘Data Restore’ and follow instructions to repair the battery.
For damaged Lithium Battery: clone it, first run ‘Full backup’, then ‘Full Write’.

2.CG100 Prog III
CG100 V6.5.0.0 or higher paid version supports 3 Porsche Cayenne lithium battery repairs to BCM.

  • PORSCHE Cayenne Lithium battery 2018-SPC5644B
  • PORSCHE Cayenne Lithium battery 2019-SPC5644B
  • PORSCHE Cayenne Lithium battery 2020-SPC5644B

Step-by-step guide:
Confirm battery year before the operation
e.g. Porsche battery is made in 2018
Run CG100 software, select BCM>> Porsche>> lithium battery>> Cayenne>> 2018-SPC5644B
Check the wiring diagram to connect battery with cg100 via BCM4+ adapter correctly

Press ‘Read‘ to read data.
Read PFLASH>> read DFLASH data
The process takes about 5 minutes.

Note: don’t disconnect device during the operation !!!

Save original PFLASH and DFLASH data readout

Press ‘Write‘ to write data
Write PFLASH>> Verify Pflash>> Write DFLASH>> Verify DFLASH
CG100 software will operate automatically, just wait for 10 minutes.

Note: CG100 software comes with new pflash & dflash data for 2018-2020 Porsche Cayenne and auto write new data to the BCM battery.

After repair, test voltage again.
Connect voltage with an external voltage regulator
Bypass the relay and charge the battery with a precision regulated charger, measuring the voltage as it charges.
Note: Digitally controlled adjustable power supply can be used for charging, the output mode can be adjusted to constant current output, first use a small current for charging (recommended below 3A), when the battery is charged to more than 12V, it can be charged with a large current until the battery is fully charged Calibration voltage.

Charge to regular voltage (12V)
Remove the charger when the battery is charged to about 12V
Reinstall battery, measure the voltage again
Battery is charged. Install battery case, tighten the screws
Measure voltage again
Repair battery succeeded

Note: It is recommended to charge for one hour after being installed to the vehicle with a high-power charger.

3. Xhorse
Device:VVDI PROG, Key Tool Plus and Mini Prog.

Data and detailed diagrams are well prepared in the built-in database.

Attach: VVDI Prog Porsche Lithium battery module SPC5644B Mask ON32E wiring diagram

Price& Delivery:
Yanhua ACDP Module 23 (€124)

Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming Master Basic Module with License A801 (€209 EU/UK Ship)

Yanhua ACDP + module 23 (total: €333)

CG100 Prog III Auto ECU Programmer (€457EU Ship)

Xhorse VVDI Prog support for VAG EDC17 and BMW ECU (€405 EU/UK Ship)

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad Full Configuration Global Version (1,999 EU/UK Ship)

Xhorse VVDI Mini Prog Programmer (€456 EU/UK Ship)

To sum up, Yanhua ACDP with module 23, CG100, Xhorse devices are good choices for Porsche 2018-2020 BCM Lithium Battery repairing. Which one is the best for you depends on what other functions you want, your budget and the ease of operation.

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