Review: iCarsoft CR MAX vs Launch CRP129E vs Autel MK808

This article is about to compare the following diagnostic tools: iCarsoft CR MAX, Launch CRP129E and Autel MK808. Hope this could help you choose which is better for your work.

iCarsoft CR MAX – 490$, Launch X431 CRP129E – 263$, Autel MaxiCOM MK808 – 430$

Target group
CRP129E is designed for home DIYers. They don’t have a business to run but may have more than one car to look after. CR MAX and MK808can are slightly different, and they can do a bit more. For those who run a small workshop or DIYers who want more from diagnosis or advanced functions, these two could be better.

They are similar in vehicle coverage and support more than 50 vehicles. But CRP129E mainly covers the main four systems: ABS, Engine, Airbags and Transmission. And some sub-sections. If we try BMW, we’ll get Drive, Chassis and Body. For Drive, we’ve got access to the engine and transmission; For Chassis, ABS; For Body, Airbags. So, if you want deeper diagnosis like air-conditioning, vehicle electronics, power steering, alarms, central locking…you probably should choose iCarsoft or MK808. Besides, their system display is different. Autel MK808 Diagnostic Tool will show all systems to you, even something not installed in your vehicle, while CR MAX just displays systems installed into the car.

Wired connection?
They all are wired, but there seems a Bluetooth version of MK808 – Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT. That costs around 200$ more. I prefer the wired one because I think I’ll get better connection, but my friend will never choose a wired version. Whatever, it depends on you.

Special/Service function
Launch CRP129E OBDII Scanner offers you five service options: brake reset, oil service, SAS, electronic throttle relearn and TPMS. CR MAX and MK808 offer more than 20 service options including Air suspension, DPF regeneration, injector, brake bleeding etc.

But, if you want extra functions like DPF regeneration on Launch CRP129E, you can go to “Mall” and pay for additional service functions. Here DPF costs 50$.


CRP129E and CR MAX are all done through Wi-Fi, lifetime free, while MK808 needs annual software subscription (130$) after first-year free update.

More systems on diagnosis and more service functions are the difference between CRP129E and CR MAX & MK808. If you add 3 or 4 additional services, why not just get an MK808 or CR MAX.

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