SKP900 V5.0 program key for Toyota Corolla all key lost OK

A success case for sharing: I newly update my SKP900 Key Programmer to latest V5.0. Tested it OK to program a new key for Toyota Corolla all key lost! If you need, I listed how-to steps as below:


About SKP900 V5.0 update, I didn’t notice the news until I checked this blog:

It’s helpful directly gave me the download link and update info.


OK. Back to the topic!

SKP900 V5.0 program key for Toyota Corolla all key lost steps here:

First, off course is to plug SKP900 into car OBD2 port and connect it with car.

Power on SKP900, choose IMMOBILIZER function on main menu.

Select the brand TOYOTA.

There are two ways available to continue: By system type or car models.

I choose CAR MODELS and OTHERS to select COROLLA.

And choose IMMOBILIZER 1.

Continue to enter IMMOBILIZER SYSTEM.

Then I use the new unprogrammed key to turn on car ignition.

The immobilizer light in dashboard is on.

Choose ALL KEY LOST function and I wait a while, the immobilizer light turn off!

And it show the new key program success and if want to match next key, I press No button to quit.

In this way, I use SKP900 to program Toyota Corolla new key when all key lost!

New key start car successfully!