(Solved) How to make Mini Zed Bull read+ write+ copy 4D chip?

It’s said that Mini Zed Bull is not good at 4D chip? Now it’s not true! This blog will show you how to make Mini Zed Bull read/write/copy 4D chip. Check below:

This solution is tested working but please try on your own risk.
(Thanks f2f2’s sharing from DK forum)

Tool you need:
Mini Zed Bull Key Programmer €35.99 + additional 4D chip function!

Program you need to download:
This little program exe make Mini Zed Bull possible to read/write/copy 4D chip. Free download link as below:

Tested on Windows XP
Read info; Read chip (4D); write 4D works
The PG4 combo box uploads from directory system. (Directory name)

How to install this program step by step?
Unzip the zip file to disk
Connect Zed Bull device with the USB cable
Star EXE list all COM port and Click Start automatic search Zed Bull hardware and create file ZEDBULL.COMPORT
If exist ZEDBULL.COMPORT file and hardware opened okay then no automatic comport search panel
Exe work Read 4D chip; ZEDBULL display RESP data to manual mode edit program RESP textbox
If no exist pg4 data after TPX cloner pg4 read manual mode (COPY 4D; TPX Cloner; …..) pg4 to manual mode edit program PG4 textbox
Pg4 name edit and Click ADD TO DATABASE
All project reload enabled okay
In case of problems emergency exit -> Right Mouse but
If read no correct and cycle read then click Right Mouse; next step Click Reboot; Read chip.

Q&A for you reference:
Q: I have Mini Zed Bull clone but without RJ45 connecter. Does your program work with my zed bull?
A: RJ45 connecter. That’s no problem.
Option1. Right point can be incorporated within MAX232 chip 4 pieces of capacitor.
Connect point 1. GND2. + 5V 3.RxD 4.RxD to Max232 and to RS232 1.RxD 2.TxD 3 GND 4 optional +12V If TPX cloner hardware tape hack.
Option2. Or hack2 no need max232. Zed bull to RS232 connected GND RDX TXD logic0 0Volt Logic1 +5V
Then work TPX cloner, 2 pin build to free RS232 pin.
This 2 version
1. Serial comport mode -9V +9V communication
2. Direct mode without voltage driver chip