(Solved)MB Star C6 OEM Xentry Diagnostics cannot read data when connected to truck

Sometimes it will happen: when MB Star C6 OEM Xentry is connected to the truck with the supplied cable, there will be a situation where the data cannot be read. The following is how to solve the problem

Problem: The device can’t read (vehicle)data

And after trying the Sprinter years2011/2010/2012, the same error will appear, and the cause of the error may be the following:
Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed.

Possible causes:
The link between the diagnosis multiplexer and the diagnostic unit is interrupted
The voltage supply at the diagnostic socket(circuit 30 and(or)circuit)is faulty
Note: When using SD connect, check the connection status using the Toolkit

Open VX manager to see if it is connected to the device, if it is normal, you need to reinstall the driver
Note: 2011 models need to be done from xentry
Click to download the following Mercedes-Benz driver, after the installation is complete:
BENZ VCI Manager(Daimler) 20.04.08