Ford Diagnostic Tool EML and DTC’s Recommendations and Advice

Which one diagnostic tool is best to diagnose Ford eg.mk3 2.0 TDCI estate 55 plate? Go on reading following parts for answers.

Car model and year: mk3 2.0 TDCI estate 55 plate

Purpose: clear dtc’s and see why the eml is lighting up.

Ford Diagnostic Equipment Recommendations:

ELM327 based scanner

Fordscan soft

Ford VCM IDS diagnostic kit. Good quality Ford VCM from china works just like original…

Chinese Delphi

1) Ford VCM IDS:

A great number of people test a lot of VCM units from China, some works, some not work. I am luckily to get one VCM II from  China and it is working well.

This one VCM-II works:

I can verify it does seem to run faultless and already wifi enabled.

And some forum members verified this one VCM-II works:

It’s done Pcm update, pump/inj learns, config. Runs fine on w7 notebook and iPhone.

The software IDS comes with it, it can be updated but it’s not licensed, no fees involved. If you’re just using for yourself and friends, you should be good to go. For most of us with Transit machines pre~2012 the V86.04 software and C81 calibrations should cover most. I stand corrected as usual and Loot will probably be along shortly to give some more info.

2) Bluetooth ELM327:

If you have a mobile phone, you can get a Bluetooth ELM327 ( or Wifi one if your an Iphone user ) cheaply & easy stored in the glovebox & you normally have ur phone on you so reading & clearing the codes is a doddle if they crop up if that’s your only aim etc  ( this is the route I took to clear my motas habit of spitting up a 400 error code which for the 4-pot petrols is a software glitch when you driveem a certain way ) they can also do some live data but its not as good as when you have a laptop & usb interface etc.

2 months ago, I got a new OBD2 Bluetooth with torque Pro App and have been playing with it quite a bit lately.

First, I ordered an ODB2 to Bluetooth adapter and hooked it up. Simply pair it to your Android device (apple is more complicated) like any other Bluetooth device. I did have to restart my phone before it’d pair but my tablet paired right away. This is the one I bought:

The interface is highly customizable and will show TONS of parameters with the ISF ECU. I have gauges showing 0-60, 1/4 mile, speed (from ECU or GPS), Engine speed, torque, horsepower, afm, voltages, etc. It’ll also allow you to see and clear codes off the ECU. That alone was my excuse to buy it to the wife!

There are different themes to the gauges, with infinite gauge layouts you can use.

I’d highly recommend this to anyone with an extra $15 lying around. The app is $4.99 and the device is $9.99.It’s a great cheap monitoring tool that I’m looking forward to using in autocross videos. It’ll do logging and everything that the more expensive tools will do for much less money. the options I mentioned are just a few of the monitor able parameters of the ECU. I’m in no way affiliated with this but I’m having a blast trying out this technology!

So far the best I’ve run is a 5.0 0-60 (tire spin in the cold).

3) Fordscan soft

Someone use this tool, I haven’t tried it, so have no ideal on it.

4) Other tools advice:

Besides, I also now have a cheap Chinese Delphi clone universal thingy for the laptop too that’s supposedly good for all modules – seems to be too as it talked to my retro-fit climate control module OK & service light resetting etc – does trucks & vans too – the mechanics who have borrowed it from me to try before they also buy have been more than impressed with it considering its rather small price compared to the expensive stuff they currently use etc. ( normally around the £80-90 mark delivered, can be had cheaper when you’re lucky).

All in all, it depends on your budget.

This is from obd tool website technical support