Using T300 key pro program key for Honda jazz 2007

Car model and transponder:

Honda jazz 2007, transponder is 8E type.


Make key

T300 Key programmer to use:

T300 Auto key programmer Blue, I bought from, €114 in total



Tried but don’t work, only lists JAZ up to 2007 which is the ID48 version, I have used this before and works ok on ID48, but tried on this car and don’t work, I tried all models on USA menu too and none of them worked.

I’m surprised that old T300 don’t work, as it does work on the later CAN model jaz 2010 onwards by choosing type 10, but tried most types from 5-12 and don’t work either.


Old T300 should work. T300 with the Honda adapter use type 4 can and it will add the key no problem used it many times. It will request for incode as well.

Finally solved!

Tried T300 with Honda dongle on type 4, worked fine

This is from obd tool website technical support: Using T300 key pro program key for Honda jazz 2007