VVDI Key Tool Plus Honda Jazz RS 2019 Generate and Add Smart Remote

VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad is able to do Honda all keys lost (2019- models) key programming via OBD, especially for 10th generation Accord/Envix/FIT/Inspire. Here will share a related successful test report on a 2019 Honda Jazz RS.
All devices prepared:
Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad All-in-One Programmer
Honda Jazz RS 2019
One original car key
One Xhorse super key wants to be programmed
vvdi key tool plus

Step 1: Generate smart remote
Connect Key Tool Plus to the vehicle via the main OBD cable
Put the original key into the keyhole of keytool plus to check customer smart remote first

Select Transponder clone-> Read Transponder
Detect out the customer remote chip is 47 (PCF 7938)
key tool plus pad

Then put battery in the VVDI XS remote and then plug this Xhorse remote into the keyhole of key tool plus

Select Remote Program-> Asia-> Honda- (All remotes)-> Fit/CR-V KeylessGo ID47 433M
Press “Generate”

It starts detecting the remote and writing key… keep patience to wait.
Note: Put the remote with the correct side, otherwise cannot write chip successfully.
Burn success

Step 2: Add smart key
Back to the main menu
Select IMMO Programming-> Asia-> Honda-> Fit-> Smart key system (button type) (2018-)
Click “Start programming”
key tool plus key programming

Select “Add smart key”
Add smart key

Turn off ignition switch, and then turn on
Now the current key number is 2

Take all smart keys out of the car
Put the programmed smart key into the car

Take all smart keys out of the car again
Put the new smart key into the car to identify the key
The LED on remote blinks

Then turn off the ignition switch and turn on again
Check the indicator light is out or not

It’s out, so continue to turn off the ignition switch and turn on again
Repeat… it shows the new key number is 3.

The smart key registration is completed.
smart key registration is completed

Finally, use it to test remote and start the car, both work well!

That’s the whole process about Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus successfully generate smart remote and add smart key to Honda Jazz RS 2019.