Vident iAuto702 Pro Diagnosis & Language Setup FAQs

Here share some latest Vident iauto702 Pro multi- application service tool common questions and related answers about diagnosis function and language setup.

Q1: Can vident iauto702 pro read codes the accord 2001 Honda?

A1: Yes, it can read SRS and ABS fault code.

Q2: Does iauto 702pro support 2017-2019 OPEL ASTRA K diagnosis?

A2: It only supports ASTRA ABS & SRS diagnosis function.

Q3: Is possible to use iAuto 702pro to diagnose OPEL ASTRA K of 2017-2019 and OPEL ASTRA J from 2011?

A3: Diagnosis function of Vident iauto702 pro includes only ABS& SRS these two systems. Others are all special functions.

Q4: There are only few functions on the iauto 702 pro main menu, the menu will disappear after switching the language. How to solve?

A4: The problem is caused by the fault language is not set to the language you desire. Please follow the steps below to operate.

Step 1: provide the serial number to your dealer to switch the Language

Step 2: then you can connect TF card to update

Step 3: After the upgraded TF card is inserted, open the iauto702 pro

and enter Setup > Language to select the target Language, it will be considered successful.

Note: The language that is set up in the system will appear before you download the software, and will disappear once you start downloading.

Q5: Why it can not work with Dutch language on iauto 702 pro?

A5: Because there is no Dutch language included. If you need, try to find the local dealers to solve.

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