Virginize Mercedes 722.9 Gearbox: SVCI, ACDP, Vediamo or Autel?

The Replacement of a Mercedes gearbox can cost over $2,000, so virginizing/erasing a used one is often our choice.

Here are tools that can virginize Mercedes 722.9 Gearbox:

1. SVCI/FVDI/Abrites

It did really good in gearbox virginizing, no erasure password, and probably it’s the easiest way to do that.

Mercedes-Benz>>OBDII cable>>Vehicle selection>>Electronic Transmission Control>>Read DTCs>>Erase DTCs>>Adaption>>Get Coding>>Change “current VIN” the same as “original VIN”>>Erase “SCN Coding”>>Change “Detach the transport protection…” from “Yes” to “No”>>Set Coding>>Make VIRGIN

If you don’t get access to TCU diagnosis menu, change the resistance from 120ohm to null.
After about 10 minutes, it’ll get done.
Other functions of this tool may not be good and easily broke a car as some people said, but if we only talk about virgin Mercedes gearbox it’s really good.


2. ACDP(with Yanhua Module 16)


  • Allows you to refresh VGSNAG2/3 722.9 gearbox.
  • Easier connection thanks to special adapters.
  • Operation on cellphone.
  • Automatic backup file and VIN modification.

Path: Identification>>Automatic calculation/manual input of erasure password>>Modify VIN


3. Vediamo(by MB Star Tools)

Professional programming and coding tools and apps for Mercedes, but this doesn’t mean the operation is simple.

Ecoute>>Connect to VGSNAG file>>Check DTCs>>Connect to VGSMOD file>>Check DTCs>>Execute VGSMOD sequence file>>Virginize TCU
vxdiag vcx se


4. Autel (IM508/IM608)

With G-box 2 attachments, Good work on module replacement (erase, read, write), and has strong Immo function and diagnostic function as well.

User-friendly guidance but not an easy job.
j2534 ecu programmer

We cannot figure out all programmers that can erase Mercedes gearbox, and others like CGDI MB or VVDI MB could do that as well.
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