How to Set Scania Speed Limit Using VCI3 and SDP3?

This is a guide on setting Scania Speed Limit by Scania VCI3 Scanner via Scania Diagnosis & Programmer 3 (SDP3).

Let’s start it.
Plug the VCI3 Scanner to this Scania via OBDII port and don’t forget the passenger PIN code.
Scania via OBDII port
First turn on the car.
Run SDP3 app.
Enter “Checks and adjustments”. The loading process may take a few minutes.

Go to
Performance>>Vehicle speed
Select “Speed limiter” “Adjust maximum speed” and click on “Change”.

As the customer required, we set it from 85 to 50 km/h and click on “Execute”.

Done! Nice and simple!
If the car drives over 55 km/h, it will automatically adjust to less than it.

Knowledge from Mr. Imam

Scania SDP3 2.48.2 Free Download Link: (Password: f68n85)

You may need:
Scania VCI3 Scanner Wifi Wireless Truck Diagnostic Tool (YWEN shipping no tax):

Scania Jump Line for Scania VCI 2/3: