Volvo S90 (2016-) CEM Add Key/All Key Lost by Yanhua ACDP with Module 20

Mini ACDP  with module 20 can read CEM data by ICP mode without soldering, and program new keys via OBD mode for Volvo. Here takes Volvo S90 (2016-) as an example.

Remove the CEM module from under the main driver, steering wheel
Disassemble the CEM
Prepare the components required for operation

Install copper pillar, interface board
Check test points D1 and D2
Install copper pillar to secure the interface board
Connect ACDP host and OBP+ICP adapter
Connect the interface board to the adapter with 20 pin cable
Run Mini ACDP
Select Volvo>> IMMO>> S90 (2016-)

Step 1: Read CEM data by ICP
Select SPC5646C (VOLVO)>> SPC5748G (VOLVO)

Follow the help prompts to properly connect the adapter, interface board, and CEM module
Click ‘OK’
Check the pin test result, and click ‘OK’

Note: If it fails, clean up the test point and reinstall the interface board.
Read CEM data
Backup the CEM data
Backup successfully
Save the CEM password data

CEM PSW data save successfully

Load the CEM module and connect the ACDP to the vehicle OBD

Step 2: Add key/all-key-lost
Make sure the CEM module has installed
Connect the ACDP to vehicle OBD II port and press the engine start button
Turn on the ignition>> OK
Check the vehicle info>> OK

Select CEM password data>> OK

Select CEM PSW data
Put the smart key you need to match in the key recognition area of the cup holder or the hand-held box>> OK

Check if the number of keys has increased

  • If need to continue add key, click ‘Yes’
  • If not, click ‘No’

Add key complete!

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