GODIAG GT100 OBD II Break Out Box ECU Connector: Good or Not?

More and more people know GODIAG GT100 ECU connectors from different channels such as blogs, advertisements, social platforms like Facebook, INS, etc. But they wonder if GT100 is worth buying and want to know what the advantage of this device is. Read this post before you decide whether to buy it.

What’s GODIAG GT100 designed for?
It’s the latest testing platform for OBDII protocol communication detection and ECU maintenance/diagnosis/programming/coding.

It comes with the following items:
Host: 1pc
OBD 2-in-1 extension cable: 1pc
Colored jumper cable: 1pc
Power supply 12V: 1pc
Resistance 120 ohm: 1pc
Banana plug: 6pcs
Wire accessories, Dupont 2.54mm connector female pins: 24pcs

Main functions:
1.It can convert the vehicle OBD2 port into 16 pins for signal detection and electrical level conversion.
2.It is able to connect single modules or multiple vehicle modules.
3.It can work with any diagnostic tool to determine whether the car is communicating properly.
4.It also can supply power to vehicles when changing the battery to prevent data loss of the vehicle control module, automatic lock, remote control of the key failure, failure lights on.
godiag gt100 tech support

This is the common GODIAG GT100 connection diagram about how to connect GT100 to any diagnostic tool / ECU programming tool, the car, the computer, the ECU and the Oscilloscope.

GT100 with MSV90

GT100 with BOSCH-MEVD17.2.G

GT100 with EGS- 6HP
GT100 with EGS- 6HP

GT100 with BMW-EGS-8HP

Note: the connection above applies to the situation: The customer wants to check whether these control units can communicate or program, reset, read data separately.

There are 16 kinds of indicating lights on GODIAG GT100. What does each indicator mean? How to connect Godiag GT100 with car, ECU and different devices? Read this post carefully GODIAG GT100 OBDII ECU Connector Function & User Guide.

GODIAG GT100 Test Reports:

GODIAG GT100 OBDII Break out box has been tested and verified by eobdtool.co.uk engineer that it can work well with many different devices to read code, test ECU/engine, etc.
1.GODIAG GT100 Plus Xhorse VVDI2 Test VW Engine
2.GODIAG GT100+Autel Maxisys Ultra Test ECU
3.GODIAG GT100 +Vident iEasy200 Read ECU Fault Code
4.GODIAG GT100 + ThinkCar Pro Read DTCs on 2007 VW MED17.5- Success

5.GODIAG GT100 + Launch X431 V Read Nissan Teana 2015 engine data stream- success

GODIAG GT100 Price:
11.11 sale price:  €87.00 free shipping from UK No Tax (9% off from the original price)
Valid date: Nov. 9th -Nov 18th, 2020
godiag gt100 price

In a word, once you have an affordable Godiag GT100 in hand, you can determine that the failure of test was due to the device, the car or the connection problem. It can prevent your expensive equipment from damage.

Hope this post helps!

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