Download Dump File from Xhorse Website to VVDI Key Tool Max/Plus

This post comes with the guide to download dump files from to Xhorse Key Tool Max and Key Tool Plus via scanning QR code.

1.For VVDI Key Tool Max

Turn on Key Tool Max
Accept the disclaimer
Press “Setting” icon at the top left corner of the screen
Select “Scan”
vvdi key tool max

Visit Xhorse website on Windows PC and it will ask you to login with code or account
Here recommend to login with code, so put Key Tool Max to scan the QR code on Windows PC.
key tool max QR code

Scan successfully

You need to read the dump data and upload dump to Xhorse data center
Next step is to operate on Xhorse Key Tool Max
Select “Special Function”-> “Immo Data Tool”-> Select region (e.g Europe) -> Car brand and model (e.g BMW EWS4)-> Click “Load”

Go to File Management
There are two files: The local file and My data
Select “My data” and choose the correct bin file you want

2.For Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad

Enter Key Tool Plus main menu
Select “Prog”-> “Data edit”
Visit and login via scanning the QR code by Key Tool Plus
Enter Xhorse My data (Cloud data) to upload all the files you need
Then you can see the corresponding files in the “My data” on VVDI Key Tool Plus
vvdi key tool plusvvdi key tool plus pad

That’s all!