What is OBDSTAR MT203 CAN Driver/Gateway Simulator?

OBDSTAR MT203 CAN Driver/Gateway Simulator comes with MT203 main unit and Mini USB upgrade cable. It is specially designed by OBDSTAR for automotive electronics maintenance and repair with 2-year free update. It provides CAN driver and gateway simulation function, supports multiple vehicles, and is a compact device, which is a good helper for automotive electronics maintenance engineers.

obdstar mt203 gateway

What is the highlight of OBDSTAR MT203 Gateway Simulator?

  • Using STM32H723 high-performance MCU, fast running speed;
  • Support standard CAN, Low speed(fault-tolerant CAN), CANFD protocol;
  • Automatic scanning, manual baud rate selection, custom input baud operation;rate and other modes to simulate different types of gateways;
  • Integrated design, comes with 120Ω resistor switch, easy to operate;
  • Simple and intuitive menu allows you to quickly master the device;
  • Mini USB upgrade cable directly connected to the PC for one-key upgrade.


Which protocol types/functions are supported by MT203?

Standard CAN/Standard CAN

500K/250K 500K/125K

Custom Baud Rate


Standard CAN/Tolerant CAN





Custom Baud Rate


Standard CAN/CAN FD



Custom Baud Rate


When do you need OBDSTAR MT203?

  • Automotive electronic ECU repair

Airbag, Dash, BCM and other modules simulation gateway diagnostic test by BENCH

    • Automotive electronic ECU repair

Dash, Audio, Gear Lever, AC panel and other modules CAN drive test by BEHCH

  • E-Car components repair

Compressor, DCDC, On-board charger and other modules simulation gateway diagnostic test by BENCH

Which vehicles are supported by OBDSTAR MT203 CAN Driver? 

MT203 supports Dash, Audio, Gear Lever, AC Panel and other test functions for AUDI, FORD, PORSCHE, BENZ, JAGUAR, ROLLS-ROYCE, BMW, LAMBORGHINI, VOLKSWAGEN, DODGE, LAND ROVER, and VOLVO.



The gateway simulation function is currently only supported by MT203. OBDSTAR DC706 ECU Tool is not compatible.


If you are interested in this new OBDSTAR MT203 CAN Driver/Gateway Simulator, you can pre-order it now. It will be available at eobdtool.co.uk in the early of July.



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