OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 and Autel IM608 Comparison

What’s the difference between OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 and Autel IM608? Which one is better?

This post will compare them in Immobilizer, Diagnostics, Remote Keys, Chips & MCUs, Gateway, Motorcycles, Add-on function and update aspects.

obdstar x300 classic g3 vs autel maxiim im608



Both support immobilizer function.




X300 Classic G3 is for IMMO and programming.

Autel has been on the market for many years before the G3. G3 is a new product. So the database of Autel is a bit more robust on the outside.

For example:

Program 2016/2017 Toyota Camry, the key was just fine but when into the remote programming it did not work under the Camry menu. In fact, it is capable of doing it but it most likely has to do with the market difference from the Asian market to the US market, you can program the remote function under the GT86 Toyota and that’s cable to program the remote just fine.

But under directly under Toyota Camry it did not work.


But OBDSTAR will out the R & D behind it and adds all the vehicles as well.


You can see the list of all the vehicles supported on the immobilizer side and it is pretty good. Another thing is that OBDSTAR has no Mercedes support yet, OBDSTAR said they are working on it.


IM608 has good coverage. IM608 not only programs the keys but is an excellent scanner and can program other units like ELV, dashboard, EZS, Skin, and ECU.



  • Autel IM608 is also a full-fledged scanner, not just an immo programming tool.

It has a full-fledged diagnostic tool built in so it does take advantage of that. It has very good diagnostic capabilities and covers the Euro/Asian/US & Australian markets very well.

  • G3 is not a full-fledged scanner.


3.Remote Keys

MaxiIM IM608 will also generate Autel universal ikey remotes, but OBDSTAR doesn’t support remote generation.


4.Chips & MCUs

  • Autel has a bigger database to that than the G3.

It has a much larger database of chips and MCUs.

It can read and write a lot of chips and MCUs with the XP400 pro programmer.

  • The database on the amount of actual chips that OBDSTAR supported is not very extensive at the moment. This is a new tool. This is being added to the monthly things.



OBDSTAR X300 G3 has built-in FCA Chrysler Fiat, Renault and CAN FD gateway connectors, you don’t need to buy separate gateway adapters.

You can use it to connect the compatible vehicle directly into the gateway like that bypass the gateway. Very convenient!



The G3 also does motorcycles and aquatic Vehicles.

The G3 comes with motorcycle cables so you get all these cables for Ducati, Yamaha, Harley, BMW, Honda motors, etc. You’ll be able to program all these vehicles with the OBDstar.

Autel does not have it. It does not do motorcycles and aquatic vehicles.


7.Add-on function

OBDSTAR G3 is a flagship device you can add on all the other features. You can add odometer correction, airbag reset, test platform and ECU cloning license to the G3. It wins Autel MaxiIM IM608!

All these features are not available on the Autel.

OBDSTAR G3 License

G3 can add the same feature to clone as dc706. If you go to Advanced ECU where this tool starts to blow away everything else.

There is no competition, to be honest.

ECU license allows you to write the PIN to it, you can also write the VIN, change the VIN number, and correct mileage for some ECUs, G3 can do immo off on certain ECMs.

You can reset the VIN on the radio you see so if you get a used radio and then it gives you VIN locked you can reset it.

When going to the ECU flasher if you add on the cloning function, it handles different modules as well as body control modules. You can clone them and once you enter into these modules you can read them and modify the units.

They are good on GM ACDelco ECUs, it also does Fiat IAW 9DF, Chrysler GPEC2/3/2A, Hyundai SIM2-50, etc.

They have very good wiring diagram pictures.

The test platform function allows you to do is to actually send the message over the CAN BUS network and actually turn that cluster on or activate different modules that are activated via messages and not just simple powers and ground.

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OBDSTAR updates the software every month, and more vehicles are added.

If your subscription expires, you can use OBDSTAR G3 normally, but you will not get updates.

If your subscription expires, functions that require online access will not work on IM608, for example, Mercedes online password calculation, you cannot get new updates either.

Of course, you will need to renew your subscription to get current updates on both tools.

X300 Classic G3 software subscription is cheaper than Autel.


In a word, both X300 Classic G3 and Autel IM608 are good key programmers, and both support IMMO. The main difference is in the Database. It is a lot more extensive on the Autel IM608. IM608 wins G3 on IMMO!

OBDSTAR is a very good compliment to the Autel. You can grab the OBDSTAR every time is a late-model Dodge Ram. 23-24. Autel takes a long time to pull the pin and fails to program keys. The OBDSTAR pulls the pin in seconds and programs the keys very fast as well. No Mercedes support yet, OBDSTAR said they are working on it.


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