X100 Pro Key Programmer Update Attentions

Original X100 Pro Auto Key Programmer is manufactured by X-100 Technology, featured best quality, wide vehicle brands support, online update and English Only.

Now X-100 Pro has been changed the update method.

New Update Method:

Note: You need to register with Serial Number and Password in advance.

Click module below to download Update Tool via http://www.xtooltech.com/;
Run downloaded software to upgrade;

1. Do not format the TF card before / after update;
2. Do not use old serial number and password on X100 + website for registration.

How to Update X100 + Auto Key Programmer (without sending X-100 + Main Unit back to factory for update)

Power up X100 + device;
Select “Self Test” >> “Keyboard Test”;
Press device buttons according to this order: F1-F2-UP button-DOWN button-ENTER-ESC

Exit the main menu;
Select “System information”;
Write down and provide the X100 + device SN, VIN and register password to Xtool customer service to run an update.