Xtool X100 PRO2 Add Key for Ford Ranger 2019 Success

Here we’re gonna share a demo on how we use Xtool X100 PRO2 to add a new key for Ford Ranger 2019. The immo menu doesn’t have an option for Ford Ranger, but we can still add a smart key by entering Ford Explorer menu.
xtool x100 pro2

Let’s just connect the device to the vehicle via the OBD port
and start the procedure.
Immobilizer>>FORD V27.15>>China Ford>>Smart key system>>Explorer>>2015-2019
Here we can check current number of keys.

Then select “Add a key”.
Open the warning light.
Turn on the ignition.
It’s reading security code.
x100 pro2 add key

Put the new key in the card slot as the prompt.

Program success.

Check the key numbers to verify.

Test if the new key can start the car.

Done! Nice and simple!
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