SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Cut OPEL Astra 2004 Key by Bitting Number

This article is available with the guide to search key bitting number by key code on SEC-E9 key cutting machine for OPEL Astra 2004.

SEC-E9 is able to cut standard keys, high security keys and house keys.

It supports key missing teeth inquiry, can directly search key bitting number by key code for some keys. No need to search from instaCode.

Step-by-step guide to search bit number by SEC-E9


Opel Astra 2004-

IC card: 1097

SEC-E9 auto key cutting machine


Enter SEC-E9 key cutting machine main menu

Press “Automobile”

Select “Opel”-> “Astra”-> “2004~ [8]”

The detailed info shows on the screen

IC Card: 1097

Key blanks: SILCA- HU100T12, KEYLINE: VXSTK12

Press “Code”

Enter the pincode in the search filed

Search out the bitting number automatically

The bitting number is 44213224

Then click “OK”

The bitting number displays on the menu successfully

SEC-E9 Cut Keys for Opel Full List: