About Lonsdor K518ISE 90 days free trial update

From Lonsdor about Lonsdor K518ISE 90 days free trial update……
Lonsdor K518ISE we have now will always be free and we will SLOWLY get new stuff/updates for free.

Paid subscription will just unlock tool to use “special features”…newest cars, rare cars, basically stuff you might not see in other programmers. Once 90 days time is up, K518 will lock only the special features and your tool will go back to what you have now.

I’m sure if people don’t buy the yearly subscriptions….They will offer 24 hours or a couple of days. You do the “special car” during that time and then tool goes back to normal.


That is to say: anything that was free before will stay free.




What does trial for 90 days means?

For coverage in red color, after 90 days if you want still to use that coverage it will be paid option.


Lonsdor K518ISE new update (10/22/2018)


For this update, Lonsdor add some menus for free. They are marked in black in the car list.

Lonsdor also add some menus which charge. They are marked in red in the car list. You can use them for 90-day trial period. After the trial period, you need to pay for these menus if you want to continue to use them. Lonsdor haven’t set a price on these menus yet.


How to update since some new features are cropping up?

You need update and activate trial version for show new functions for 90 days. If you not activate trial version news functions not visible.

Here instructions: