BMW F-Chassis Auto Start/Stop Permanent Off Coding by Launch X431 PAD VII

This post comes with the tutorial of Auto Start/Stop Permanent Off Coding for BMW F-Chassis by using Launch X431 PAD VII.

Here is the specific procedure:
In the main menu, select Local Diagnose
x431 pad vii v7.00.010
Then select European>> BMW
Read vehicle version info and click OK
Select Automatically Search
Confirm the vehicle info and click NEXT

Then you can see if the car module is normal
In System Topology, it shows the ZGM is abnormal

In System list, there is a fault in the ZGM (Central Gateway Module), it is CD0487 ZGM: Synchronisation Process for flexRay failed

After this procedure finishes, there may still be a warning light or fault code displayed until the vehicle has completed a road test, and the ignition switch off for 10 seconds and on.
Make sure no DTC

Next step is to do Start/Stop Permanent Off Coding:
Click Coding/Program
Select Personalization
Confirm the vehicle info again and click NEXT
Getting the vehicle detailed configuration info…
Select CAS (Car Access System – CAS/FEM/BDC)>> Function selection
Read the operation tips carefully

  • To avoid data lost due to improper operation, firstly select backup data function
  • If a problem occurs, you can choose to restore the data function. You can also encode it to restore the default state

Auto Start& Stop memorized last state and Switch off auto start & stop by default are disabled, click the drop-down button to change them to enabled

Recoding has been completed

Finally, back to the main menu and select automatically search again
Now you can see all modules are normal, there is no fault code.


The device used:
2021 New X431 PAD VII PAD 7 Full System Diagnostic Tool with Smartlink C Support Online Coding and Programming:

UK Professional OBD2 Tools Online Shop