CGDI BMW Read B58 DME ISN via OBD without dismantling

Q: How to start car when all the keys lost by CGDI BMW key programmer?

A: Program new keys by reading ISN.

CGDI prog BMW can repair anti-theft module, when BDC cannot communicate. Change the new anti-theft module through ISN to generate new data.This article is available with the guide to use CGDI BMW to read B58 ISN without opening the DME shell.


DME model: BMW B58 (for BMW 5 series, 7 series (G classis), 3 series (F classis)


1)CGDI BMW programmer+B58 read ISN authorization

2)One FEM/BDC test platform made by CG Company

If all the keys lost, must to read ISN via test platform. If there is original key, you can read ISN in the car directly.

Note: CGDI BMW device can communicate with DME via gateway and OBD

It will take 5-10 minutes to read ISN when you use it first time, otherwise, it just need 1or 3 minutes to read.


Connect CGDI BMW with DME, BDC test platform and PC well

Click on “B48/ B58 read ISN”

There are 6 options: Wiring Diagram, Identify, Read ISN, Write ISN, Restore code and Back.

Click on “Wiring Diagram” to see the correct wiring method

Select “Identify”

Read out VIN

Click on “Read ISN”

Read ISN success

Where to get B58 read ISN authorization?


Hope it helps you!