CGDI PROG BMW Read N13/N20/N55/B38 ISN No Need Opening DME

CGDI Prog BMW has been added a new function: Can read ISN without dismantling DME, including:

A0000015   B48 B58 read ISN
A0000017   MSD80 / 81 /85 /87 MSV90 read ISN
A0000018   N13 / N20 / N55 /B38 read ISN

How to get CGDI BMW upgrade?

You need to pay upgrade cost- 66 USD, no need shipping.

Pass the serial number of your CGDI BMW device to distributor once paid.

Available link to go:

Get more CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer info:

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 updated to V2.9.0 (12th Sep, 2019)

1.Free Download link:!iaZWxSKK!qUCFas1gnSK2EVAOgZGN0w

2.Update info:

1Added French version

2Added: B48 B58 read ISN

3Added: MSD80/D81/D85/D87/MSV90 read ISN

4Added: N13/N20/N55/B38 ISN read and write

5F system code increases the function of modifying VO code

6E system code brush hiding function to increase the search button

That’s all!