FSC Code from BMW F30 2012 with ENET Cable

A week ago, have managed to read, decode and finally generate FSC code from BMW F30 2012.

I used an BMW ENET cable and a working EDIABAS intallation (32-bit – It does not run on 64-bit Windows!)

As for FSC code generator, i saw some free download link in the web; but i was a bit worried about this, so decided to paid for that.

This is the BMW-FSC-NBT.rar, for sharing, and i never tested yet.

It generates the FSC in three steps.

But you have to change the “year-parameter” in the batch-file to a later map (e.g. 2016 – or even later – instead of 2014), then it works perfectly.
The Default 0x06 for 2014 does not work, but 0x09 does!

See the FSC code generation step by step:


Open FSC Generator software on desktop

Click “Read FSC

Select BMW chassis, e.g E-series

Click Connect

Click Read VIN

The software will display vehicle information


Click Read FSC (1B)

Click Save to File



Back to FSC MAP menu

Select DECODE FSC button

Click Load file and load dump bin file

Click “Search” and browse to C:/EC:APPS/a hex

Click Decode button


Finish decoding


Back to FSC MAP menu

Select “GENERATE” button

Code has been generated

Open C:﹨EC:APPS﹨code.txt to check the FSC code

PS: If you fail o generate for NBT, try do following settings:

You can actually grab the 1B or DE file from E-sys by doing the following:

FSC Extended

Base variant 0x63 (For HU_CIC or HU_NBT)

Click Identify

Application ID 0x1B for (App ID 27 for CIC) 0xDE (App ID222 for NBT) <— This is the App for your Nav enabler

Upgrade Index 0x1

Move Store FSC from the left to the right

Click Read

Click Save and name the file FXXXXXX_0001B001.fsc for CIC or FXXXXXX_000DE001.fsc for NBT where FXXXXXX is your VIN.

Both CIC and NBT work.

(ps. thanks F30 owner for this review)

This is from obdtool: Best car diagnostic tools for sale website Auto Key Programmer technical support: FSC Code from BMW F30 2012 with ENET Cable