How replace 06 M5 DME with used donor DME?

Car model and year:

06 BMW M5

Car symptom and my intents:

I am trying to replace my original DME (MS S65) in a 06 M5 with a used DME from another vehicle. I am trying to find a way to program the donor DME to work with the existing CAS 3 (w/the original key)

What I can do and can’t to do?

I can de-solder the IC (MC9512xxx) that is on the CAS 3, but the MCP563 that is on the DME is impossible for me to remove. I do not know how to do it without removing the IC from the DME. I could figure out how to power up the DME but I wonder know exact pin locations so I could connect to the specific bus line to the IC.


  1. Optional one: bdm100 ECU programmer

For all intents and purposes this is not possible. The CAS data is stored in a locked area of the DME that is not accessible through the OBD port. BMW states that a new ‘virgin’ DME must be purchased if it needs to be changed.

The only way to gain access to that data is through a process known as BDM. Usually it means de-soldering the EEPROM from the circuit board before it can be done. Unless you have experience working with circuit boards, and are competent in assembly language, then the answer is no.

The BDM process is done with is about 10,000 lines of hexadecimal numbers, which at best you will be able to break it into 16 or 32 bit assembly, you has to be proficient in assembly language, you would be much better hiring this out IMO. Unless you have experience you aren’t disclosing, or want to spend hundreds of hours figuring it out…

  1. Optional two: AutoHex II scan tool, bmw explorer, avid etc

BDM100 old tool, you can make it via galetto bdm port OR you can get isn from ecu old and used (with some advanced tool,like bmw explorer, avdi, autohex etc which are $2000+) and you can apply isn to cas + make synchronize job done.